The shift brought forth by online gaming industry

With the advent of internet, everything has changed. From music to the way people communicate with each other; from business to the fun thing individuals do to add a little more entertainment in their lives; from catching up the latest podcast in the iTune to hanging out with people thousand miles away via Skype, Google Hangout; everything has evolved.

There are many new industries being born and many industries have already achieved the billion dollar mark in their business. One of the billion dollars maker industries is online gaming industry which has embraced the technology with open arms and still there are lot
more opportunities to be explored and tested.

These are the things that happened to online gaming since technology has advanced and opened up gates for opportunities for everyone.
· Demographical change: Technology has shaken the gaming completely. There was a time when the gaming only attracted younger people, specifically men. Now, the demographic has expanded to include women and also older age groups. It is shocking to know that since 2004, the number of women Internet users ranging between 16 to 74 years have increased up to 80 per cent and at the same time men internet users in the same age group only increased 60 per cent. Thus men and women both are playing online games like never before. And the number is constantly increasing day by day. Soon the time ill come when each one of us would play online game every day of our life.

Free to play (F2P) business model: What no one has ever imagined is now reality. Nobody ever thought that the online gaming will be free for everyone to play and enjoy. But that is proving to be true and creating havoc for people who are in the gaming business. It is
forecasted that online gaming industry will reach $86.1 billion by
2016. What is attractive about this F2P model is that no one is having any obligation to buy any product and everyone can simply go to different sites and can play varied games –action, strategy, sports, gunshot, adventures and so on and so forth.

Games are provided as service: As the games are provided free, the support is now offered as service. When a game is being coded and ready to get launched in the market, the coder and developers of the game are already ready with future updates, from single player to
multiplayer options and from fewer levels to unlocking of many more levels. Thus the demand of games has been increasing multi-fold and people are now experiencing something about online gaming and that is more is better syndrome.

Global market: Online gaming is not exposed to only a local area.
It has been prominent in every part of the world. From east to west, every young and old, men and women have been increasingly playing online games to inject more fun into their daily lives and to create more entertainment. Thus, online game developers from all over the world are creating more themes, more variety, more unique ways to approach games and several other attractive strategies to attract any untapped market (if any). For business people who have just got started in gaming industry, they need to put their infrastructure in alignment of the recent trend, so that they can be in a mode to create multi-dimensional themes of the same game they are creating. They should do this to attract more people all over the world and to gradually spread their business globally.

Mobile gaming: If you ask any gaming geek out here about what is the new trend in online gaming, you would see him quip and he would tell you that mobile gaming is the new hot trend people are very busy exploring. Not only are the words of some geeks, the statistics are also telling the same thing. In 2015, revenue from mobile games will surpass the revenue from console gaming. Even games have become the most popular apps on mobile, smart phones and tabs. The game developers who have now been seeing the opportunity in the mobile industry have been developing a new game every day to explore this amazing opportunity. The reason people never used to play online games was that they were never exposed to the internet on the laptop or computer device most of their adult lives (especially old people in developing nations). But now the games are available on mobile and they can play games whenever they like, whichever they like. It is an unprecedented opportunity for game developers and business people which have never come before. Games like Clash of Clans, Prince of Persia, Marjong War, all ESports games, all actions games are now available everywhere –mobile, laptop, computer. Who won’t play it then?

The way online gaming industry has been growing, it can easily be said that within a few years only, it would become the most sought-after industry globally and the economy of the world will be shifted because of online gaming.

Security When Playing Online Games

Security When Playing Online Games

Recently we have been getting quite a few emails regarding cheating in online games. People have been using game hacks to make themselves invincible and get weapons quicker.

There is most certainly a lot of online games where cheating is occurring. Some of the games where cheating is apparent are on some of the most reputable games online. Dota 2 had its fair share of cheating with Phantom Assassin. You could walk into internet shops that sold the cheat for the hero that made an already hard to kill carry have a critical strike of 100%.

One player with this PA hero could wipe out an entire team if they farmed well and managed to combine this with the cheat. I personally watched people in internet shops win game after game using the cheat. I had to wonder how many other people in Asia must be winning using this cheat.

Other games such as Counterstrike have also been subject to cheats. Another game where hacks are for sale. These include Aimbots that are basically tools that can be used to make sure that you never miss a shot. Although Counterstike is a team game, it is quite annoying when people claim to be great players when all they are doing is buying a cheat that takes advantage of a glitch in the game.

Rainbow Six Siege Hack, Battlegrounds, and Battlefield Cheats and hacks have also been created so people can cheat at these games. Aimbots, map cheats, and even cheats that clear the bad weather to give players better visibility have been created on these games.

Why are these games not more secure?

The designers are probably blissfully aware of these cheats or have designed the games with code that cannot detect these cheats. Also, the way the game is delivered to player’s computers makes it difficult to add a cheat guard between the player’s computer and the connection to the game server.

Games like Overwatch, League of Legends, and Dota 2 are all delivered with security built in to detect cheats. Eventually, as with the Phantom Assassin Cheat that we mentioned, the game company will pick on the cheat and ban accounts using it. This was the case with a few heroes like Invoker who could use map cheat to use Sunstrike, which was short lived. In fact, the only cheat to plague Dota 2 constantly is Phantom Assassin – it keeps coming back.

You should report cheats

One of the best ways to make sure games are safe is to report usernames of people that you think are cheating. It may take a while before the gaming company finally gets enough reports and discovers the cheat, but at least you are part of the active community by reporting cheaters.

One of the biggest problems with online gaming is that not enough people use reporting features to let the gaming companies know about cheats, and this is something they should 100% do.

Online Board Games

There are certain board games that have been around for a long time and as a kid, everyone loved playing it but did you know that the first board game started around 3500BC and since then people are obsessed over board games. Now with the era of internet and mobiles, we have newer and better version of board games. We can carry them wherever we want and they are just a download away from us. So here are some of the amazing board games that would keep you glued to your phone.

AI factory limited
They are amazing developers of various games like chess, checkers, gomoker etc. They provide the user with a free version so that they can download the game, without any cost and then they also have a premium version that is to be purchased in order to help the developers. They are cheap and in order to help the developers create more games. They are cheap and include really amazing upgrades to the games.

It is the simplest board game that one could encounter. On this game you and your opponent post up your ship and if you able to sink all the ship of your opponent then you won. It is a fun game if you are looking for a simple and relaxing game.

This is another type of game where you create your own board. In this, the player builds the board by strategically thinking where the next piece of the tile goes and the best part about this game is that it can be played by more than two players, it is a multiplayer game that helps in spreading the fun. One can expand the game by purchasing the packs that provide with more options.

Catan is another popular board game. It teaches the player to create settlements on a board which means that if the player wants to win then they should make the longest road and have the largest army. It can be played offline by the user and the AI competitors and it can be played online with various friends. They also provide expansions if one wants to extend the simple game.

Elder Sign:- Omens
Like the name, it is a mystery-themed game. It allows the user to find clues and arcane items also it allows to expand the competition by increasing the number of ancient ones. The difficulty level also increases with the number of ancient ones and like every game it also has the expansion, however, it is not upgraded since 2014 yet it still works with new devices.

Galaxy Trucker
Another board game that is new is a galaxy trucker which allows the user to build their very own spaceship. It also has the feature to look into the harshness of the space. It is same as Carcassonne but instead of user built a spaceship instead of a game board. Rest everything is the same and it can be a player by multiple users at a time or turn by turn. It also has an upgrade like any other game with various other spaces.

Words with Friends
This is one of the popular games as it is exactly like scrabbles. You form a word and your opponent form a word using the letter of your word. It is the oldest board game and most people are experts in it. People can play this online with friends and it helps you learn new words with the chat session which is built in also it is a part of the unlimited number of free games.

It is a card-based board game which allows the user to win only if they become one of the biggest jewel merchants from all the player who are playing this game. When it comes to the multiplayer it is said that one should satisfy a certain condition only then they will be able to play meanwhile giving the opponents a chance to grow. It has leadership board, tutorials and is one of the interesting games. Only four players can play this game with AI or via the internet.

Ticket to Ride
This is also another game that allows the user to make tracks to join two cities together. The points are not only for completing the tracks but also for the length of your track and it has the capacity up to four players and gives you united state’s map free but if you want to build tracks and join two cities of another country then to build your tracks you need to pay money.
Above were few of the popular board games of all times. They help people relax from their hectic jobs and help them to relieve. The best part is that these board games are just a click away and you can consume the most effective board games of all time. They are far from the traditional playing but with the digitalized era our games needed to upgrade themselves too.

Team Strategy in Our World of Tanks Blitz Review

World of Tanks Blitz has been around for a good few years now across Android, iOS and even Windows 10, so you might be wondering why we are doing a review of this game now? Well, simply because of the many updates it has experienced since its original release and how the game has progressed.

Many of you will already know about the hugely popular mobile version of World of Tanks that originally started out as a free to play PC game. Containing a vast selection of tanks from the likes of USA, Britain, Japan, France, Germany and Russia, players are tasked with working their way up the tiers, unlocking and upgrading tanks via the experience as resources gained from playing battles in a team v team format. 
World of Tanks Blitz is very similar to that but is more condensed. The PC versions allows for larger maps and 15 v 15 player battles, while the Blitz versions has smaller maps and is 7 v 7. Other differences can be found in the fact there are no artillery unit on Blitz, crew training are much simpler, and there are fewer tanks. 

Introduction to World of Tanks Blitz
World of Tanks Blitz is a team shooter involving tanks from World War 1 and 2, where players are tasked with having timed battles on the battlefield, using team strategy to overcome their opponents. Players will earn experience and credits for their performance in these battles which can then be used to buy and upgrade the tanks in their garage.

There are hundreds of tanks that can be collected, some which can be bought with credits and others that will require the premium gold currency. Once bought, these tanks will require equipment, consumables and crew skills to be upgraded to further improve their performance.

The further you progress through the tank tiers, the more powerful the tanks become and in most cases, the better your opponents are. There are ten tiers of tanks in total ranking from Tier 1 to Tier X.

Selection of Maps
On World of Tank Blitz, there are a number of different maps that offer up their own challenges and strategies for players to be aware of.  There are around ten maps in total but more are being added all the time. Some will be flat with lots of buildings to hide between, others maybe out in the dunes of the desert whiles others are thoughts in places like the Mayan ruins.

While the maps are smaller on Blitz compared to the full game on the PC, due to the reduction in players too, you do not notice it as much as you would expect. In fact, the size of the maps for the amount of players on them, work out pretty well on both versions. 

So What Is Different Since Initial Release?
Quite a lot actually, there have been a number of updates over the past few months, some pleasing players and some others not. One positive change is that of the introduction of different game modes rather than just Encounter. They now have Supremacy which involves the capping of three flags on the map and earning points.
Additionally, they also have tournament modes now where clans can  enter a team to take part in tournament series’  with some decent prizes on offer for those that take part. These tournaments take a lot of skill and teamwork.

Other changes that have taken players some time to get over, includes the equipment system being changed dramatically which resulted in all equipment being removed players tanks and resulted in players then having to go about unlocking equipment that they had previously already installed, needing to be grinded and installed again. The difference this time, was that rather than just cash being needed for this equipment as before, a new currency was introduced called spare parts, which are very slow in acquiring.
Lots of players left the game after these changes as they felt they were being double charged and stolen from by the game taking away what they had already unlocked in each tank in their garages. The spare parts that were compensated to players were far from enough to replace as much as 1/3rd of the equipment that players had previously owned.

Timers Installed Too
Another controversial aspect of the equipment changes meant that not only did players have to take a very long time to gain the required spare parts for their equipment upgrades but they also had timers to wait for every time they installed equipment.  Previously, installing equipment was instant but now it can take as long as week for the highest tiered tanks to have each of the nine pieces of equipment installed.

Many players felt that this new playing model was turning the game away from what initially made it so popular and more to the many other mobile games that are heavily reliant on timers that can be skipped if players are willing to use the premium gold currency.

Despite these changes and now that feelings have calmed down aa bit, World of Tanks Blitz is still one of the most popular mobile games on the markets with a huge player base all across the globe. Many will claim that these changes in the main have been negative but others say that the introduction of the new game modes and tournaments do go a long way to cancelling out the controversial changes to the equipment processes.

None of these changes make too much difference to the playability of the game and it is the same for every player, so most people have now just got on with it and accepted the changes and have started working hard at unlocking the equipment for their most favoured tanks first and taking it all step by step.

If you’re yet to try out the truly immersive strategy action of this team shooter, you really are missing out what is without doubt one of the best games on the mobile gaming platforms.

7 of the Very Best Strategy Games for Android

Strategy has always been a key element of games, whether online, offline or even board games, for many generations. When you think about the many card games and table games like chess and backgammon, you’ll see that strategy games were played long before the computer was even invented. However, technology has allowed us to evolve on the building blocks of strategy games of the past and we now have tons of them at our disposal. 

Games that make us use our brain are actually very good for us, as long as we play them in moderation. They can improve our mental abilities that will help us in everyday life and generally just keep our brains as sharp as they can possibly be. Of course, this is not to say that you should be playing all day long and not be productive in other areas as well. Set a few hours aside and enjoy some strategy before moving on to some of the other chores in life. 

With so many strategy games for mobile out there right now, however, it can be difficult to know which to go for and will offer the better experience. Luckily for you, we have put a little list together that contains some of the best strategy games for Android; so hopefully, your decision becomes a lot easier. 

1.) Age of Civilization 

Age of Civilization is a strategy game that takes you back to the days of the good old strategy board games like ‘Risk’. Confronted with a variety of different scenarios across different eras and planets, your job is to get your chosen civilization through these scenarios and help them to prosper. Age of Civilization is an older strategy game but one that is still popular to this day. Difficult and complex, this game has all the makings of being a testing strategy game that all should try.  

2.) Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft  

As one of the most popular card battling strategy games online, Hearthstone involves collecting character cards and using them to fight against other players in order to climb the ranks. The better the cards you have and the better you set them up to battle, the better players will become. Some cards are easy to collect why others will be rare and very difficult, though, of course, you can buy packs of cards for real money to give yourself an advantage. Hearthstone is definitely a good game that you’ll find to be extremely addictive.  

3.) Pandemic: The Board Game 

For something completely unique, you should try out Pandemic, a board game that you can play online. You’re tasked with ridding the world of highly contagious diseases that spring up everywhere. You don’t have long before these diseases spread all over the globe, so you have to move fast. Play alone or with up to four other players online using a selection of characters from the seven available to choose from. Without a doubt, Pandemic is one of the very best strategy games available. 

4.) Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic 

Rollercoaster Tycoon is actually two games in one, as both have been ported to mobile from the original PC games. There are almost 100 scenarios that you have to play through that will all involve building or taking over a theme park and helping it to succeed across a number of conditions. For pure fun and quite a lot of strategy, Rollercoaster Tycoon is a must play for players of all ages.  

5.) Plague Inc 

In pretty much the polar opposite of what you have to do in Pandemic, Plague Inc tasks you with creating and developing a disease strong enough to completely wipe out the human race. There are a dozen different types of diseases that you can tinker with and increase their strength and the rate at which they spread. Sounds easy? Well, it’s not, which is why it’s often classed as one of the best strategy games in the history of gaming. Despite being quite an old game now, the developers are always creating new content and providing updates so that it stays as fresh as possible. 

6.) Card Thief 

For those of you that are looking for something that you could class as being unique to anything else out there right now, Card Thief is a game that you should probably check out. A bit of a cross between a strategy game and a card game, your ultimate mission is to use a set of your card collection to pass different levels that will involve stealing items while being undetected. Every level will give you just a few minutes to complete, so you’ll have to think fast on your feet in order to be successful.  

7.) Machines at War 

Lovers of real-time strategy games are going to love Machines at War 3, a game that has a number of different game modes for you to enjoy. Using your brain to come up with the best strategy, you’ll have to defeat the bad guys and save a bunch of foolhardy scientists that always seem to get themselves into trouble. With 21 missions in total and the ability to play online against other players, this game will never let you get bored. With more than 100 different types of equipment and units that you can build and develop, there is plenty of scope to develop the perfect strategy for any scenario. 

Those are just seven of the best strategy games for Android right now but there are plenty more that could quite easily have made the list. If none of the above is what you were looking for, we recommend doing a bit of research online and checking the reviews of the many other games that are available. You might unearth some hidden gems or something new that many people do not even know about yet. 

Interesting Things about League of Legends

0b8cd7df0d0ddd16a4e4ebdf68a12d0cThere are different online games that you can choose from if you’re looking for something interesting to play, but League of Legends is one of the best games that there have been released. The truth is that this game is played by more than 30 millions of players from all over the world, and ever since it was released in 2009 has gathered more and more fans.

Being the most famous multiplayer online battle arena video game, it was inspired by Warcraft III – The Frozen Throne mod, Defense of the Ancients, it offers you the possibility to be a “summoner” and control one of the many “champions” that have different abilities.

Let’s see some interesting things about League of Legends, so that you can understand better what you’ll be seeing and experiencing in this game.

The Gameplay

Being an online multiplayer battle arena, this means that you get to play live games in one of the three game modes. These are the Summoner’s Rift – which is usually chosen by the players, the Twisted Treeling and the Howling Abyss. There was a fourth mode – the Crystal Scar, but this was removed due to unknown reasons.

A match usually lasts from 20 to 60 minutes, and the players get to be part of a team that has to work together in order to conquest the territory of the other team. For achieving victory, each team has to try to destroy the central objective of the other team – this central objective is called Nexus, or to conquer and hold the best strategic points of the other team for as long as possible.

The Characters

As it usually happens with these fantasy games, the player has a certain role. Here, the player gets to be a summoner who can control a champion. There are plenty of champions you can choose from, each holding different abilities.

Each game is begun at a low level – for example, the Summoner’s rift and the Twisted Treeline let the player start with level one, while the third mode – the Howling Abyss lets the player start with level three. The players can gain experience during the game, and the maximum level that can be achieved is level 18.

With every level, the player can gain new skills for his or her champion, allowing special abilities to appear. The game ends when the Nexus is conquered from the other team.


The Community

The community build around League of Legends is extremely active and it is continuously growing. In both continents where it holds supremacy, North America and Europe, the developer of this game organizes a competition called League of Legends Championship Series, where eight professional teams from different continents compete. There are similar competitions organized in Korea, Taiwan, China and South Asia.

These regional competitions reach a high point at the annual competition called League of Legends World Championship, which was reported to have a prize of one million dollars in 2013, and it attracted more than 32 millions of online visitors.


league_of_legends_jhin_png_by_tonykgfx-d9okwuhPlaying It

The truth is that this cannot make you understand how fun and interesting this game is. All you have to do is create an account and start playing – choosing a character – a champion – is easy, and you get to see everything that they can do before starting the game. You’ll get to meet people from all over the world and it will be easy to learn how to play it, discovering the skills of your champion and how fast you can move from level to level.