Online Board Games

There are certain board games that have been around for a long time and as a kid, everyone loved playing it but did you know that the first board game started around 3500BC and since then people are obsessed over board games. Now with the era of internet and mobiles, we have newer and better version of board games. We can carry them wherever we want and they are just a download away from us. So here are some of the amazing board games that would keep you glued to your phone.

AI factory limited
They are amazing developers of various games like chess, checkers, gomoker etc. They provide the user with a free version so that they can download the game, without any cost and then they also have a premium version that is to be purchased in order to help the developers. They are cheap and in order to help the developers create more games. They are cheap and include really amazing upgrades to the games.

It is the simplest board game that one could encounter. On this game you and your opponent post up your ship and if you able to sink all the ship of your opponent then you won. It is a fun game if you are looking for a simple and relaxing game.

This is another type of game where you create your own board. In this, the player builds the board by strategically thinking where the next piece of the tile goes and the best part about this game is that it can be played by more than two players, it is a multiplayer game that helps in spreading the fun. One can expand the game by purchasing the packs that provide with more options.

Catan is another popular board game. It teaches the player to create settlements on a board which means that if the player wants to win then they should make the longest road and have the largest army. It can be played offline by the user and the AI competitors and it can be played online with various friends. They also provide expansions if one wants to extend the simple game.

Elder Sign:- Omens
Like the name, it is a mystery-themed game. It allows the user to find clues and arcane items also it allows to expand the competition by increasing the number of ancient ones. The difficulty level also increases with the number of ancient ones and like every game it also has the expansion, however, it is not upgraded since 2014 yet it still works with new devices.

Galaxy Trucker
Another board game that is new is a galaxy trucker which allows the user to build their very own spaceship. It also has the feature to look into the harshness of the space. It is same as Carcassonne but instead of user built a spaceship instead of a game board. Rest everything is the same and it can be a player by multiple users at a time or turn by turn. It also has an upgrade like any other game with various other spaces.

Words with Friends
This is one of the popular games as it is exactly like scrabbles. You form a word and your opponent form a word using the letter of your word. It is the oldest board game and most people are experts in it. People can play this online with friends and it helps you learn new words with the chat session which is built in also it is a part of the unlimited number of free games.

It is a card-based board game which allows the user to win only if they become one of the biggest jewel merchants from all the player who are playing this game. When it comes to the multiplayer it is said that one should satisfy a certain condition only then they will be able to play meanwhile giving the opponents a chance to grow. It has leadership board, tutorials and is one of the interesting games. Only four players can play this game with AI or via the internet.

Ticket to Ride
This is also another game that allows the user to make tracks to join two cities together. The points are not only for completing the tracks but also for the length of your track and it has the capacity up to four players and gives you united state’s map free but if you want to build tracks and join two cities of another country then to build your tracks you need to pay money.
Above were few of the popular board games of all times. They help people relax from their hectic jobs and help them to relieve. The best part is that these board games are just a click away and you can consume the most effective board games of all time. They are far from the traditional playing but with the digitalized era our games needed to upgrade themselves too.