Online Game Reviews for February 2018

Online gaming is video gaming through internet. Although some people don’t consider online gaming as a ground-breaking invention because it does not contribute to society, online gaming does make for a good pass time. It creates interaction and exposure and also increases intelligence to a certain level Online gaming is an addiction or an excuse to escape from reality.

The most popular games are multiplayer n which people who may be from different countries but they are able to connect and play their favorite online game with each other.

Most people use PlayStation for online gaming, xbox, mobile phones or PCs. There are numerous ways to connect with games online.

Here are some of the best gaming titles online right now:

God of War Game Review

Among these games is a God of war which is one of the most played games on PlayStation. God of war is an action and adventure related game which is based on mythology of the Greeks.

One most exceptional feature of this game is its brilliant graphics which make you feel like you are playing in a real world. The game covers the factionary characters with good graphical content. Although the game is heavy on the brain because you always need think, the more capable you become playing it, the more you seem to want to continue playing.

God of war made its first appearance in 2005 in PlayStation 2 and is the first choice of the young people. The user is believed to be Spartans and titans in different parts of the game which seek their revenge.

Unlike some other revenge fighting games, you never get bored of playing. In fact, you may get addicted to such an extent that you might miss your other activities. The producers of the game keep updating it for users to keep interacted. The latest release was on 1st February 2018.

The other platforms for God of war are PlayStation 2,3,4, java me and PlayStation Vata. The game comprises of two eras of God of war series. First era is 7 games of Greek myth and second era is its main trilogy.

Huge praise which includes more than 22 million sale of the game all across the world was its great success. This success lead to great expansion of the game. God of war is probably the best action game and is especially made better when you use high bass speakers and a modern joystick both adding further to its charm.

Caterzillar Game Review

Caterzillar is a mobile game available on both android and iOS platforms, it was developed by PixelZapp and published by Noodlecake Studios Inc. The game features 32 levels across four gorgeously designed worlds.

The main character in this game Bob the caterpillar is on a mission to rescue the princess while collecting hearts, fruits and avoiding enemies in a space like environment with no gravity. It comprises of floating structures which represents levels of the game.

This game has no up and down it is a journey across grasslands, alien terrain, dark matter, and deserts. The game tasks players to collect 3 stars and 100 fruit pieces in each stage, increasing the challenge and complexity of each level.

There are few challenging principles that will fool you mind in the right way, such as: Bob the caterpillar can walk upside down, stepping on a new surface sets some gravity effect. It has a disorienting play experience caused by the spin under the many legs and the moment the game is half way and Bob is stable the game fires cannon and shoots vines. It simply requires patience to overcome obstacles.

As the game progresses, it introduces new set of mechanics defying the law of physics and geography. A single hit takes away three hearts and once it is depleted, it takes you back to starting point.

The game has charming graphics that makes it so addictive and exciting to play. Caterzillar’s anti-gravity ability makes it even more interesting and brings out the imagination of putting a caterpillar in space. It also becomes very entertaining once you are familiar with it.

The game is available for purchase online for both android and iOS platforms on Google Playstore and apple Appstore respectively, it is also available on other websites. You cannot however play the game online you must download it on your mobile phone.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is an online game available to play on smartphones. This game is all about colorful candies. It is played with all different types of candies, forming a match of three, four, or five.

When a match of candies is formed by swiping finger over the match of three candies of same color, the candies get cleared and that would give you scoring points. The more number of candies are matched the more you score.

There are different types of candies that can be formed with a match of four & five candies of same color. Say if you match four candies all in a straight line you can see a striped candy formed with the same color that you swiped.

When a match of five candies is formed in a straight line either vertical or horizontal a colorful bomb candy is formed. This Candy when swiped with other candies with any color strikes a lightning and clears all the other candies of same color.

The higher the number of candies that are matched the more is the score. If you have any of the differently formed candies or I will say the special candies like the striped candy or the bomb, when these are swiped with the matching candies the score increases drastically.

There are by default 5 lives. Once they are used up every half an hour additional life gets added to your account. Maximum limit of lives is 5 for each account. In special cases where you are rewarded for clearing a particular level you may end up with unlimited lives for 30 minutes to two hours.

  • I like this game because of these reasons:


  1. The colorful candy formations & the way they burst when they are matched is truly addicting.
  2. Any age group can play this game with the same interest from kids to grown-ups.
  3. The number of levels that one can play are 3095 & the levels are increasing day by day with every update.
  4. The difficulty level keeps increasing as you go up the levels.
  5. You can play each level any number of times as long as you have lives in your account.

This game is available online & you can download it as well, whether you have an android phone or an IOS. It is free, as long as you can clear all the levels without having to buy any add-on boosters to clear any of the level that you are in. You will be charged only if you are buying any additional boosters.

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