Team Strategy in Our World of Tanks Blitz Review

World of Tanks Blitz has been around for a good few years now across Android, iOS and even Windows 10, so you might be wondering why we are doing a review of this game now? Well, simply because of the many updates it has experienced since its original release and how the game has progressed.

Many of you will already know about the hugely popular mobile version of World of Tanks that originally started out as a free to play PC game. Containing a vast selection of tanks from the likes of USA, Britain, Japan, France, Germany and Russia, players are tasked with working their way up the tiers, unlocking and upgrading tanks via the experience as resources gained from playing battles in a team v team format. 
World of Tanks Blitz is very similar to that but is more condensed. The PC versions allows for larger maps and 15 v 15 player battles, while the Blitz versions has smaller maps and is 7 v 7. Other differences can be found in the fact there are no artillery unit on Blitz, crew training are much simpler, and there are fewer tanks. 

Introduction to World of Tanks Blitz
World of Tanks Blitz is a team shooter involving tanks from World War 1 and 2, where players are tasked with having timed battles on the battlefield, using team strategy to overcome their opponents. Players will earn experience and credits for their performance in these battles which can then be used to buy and upgrade the tanks in their garage.

There are hundreds of tanks that can be collected, some which can be bought with credits and others that will require the premium gold currency. Once bought, these tanks will require equipment, consumables and crew skills to be upgraded to further improve their performance.

The further you progress through the tank tiers, the more powerful the tanks become and in most cases, the better your opponents are. There are ten tiers of tanks in total ranking from Tier 1 to Tier X.

Selection of Maps
On World of Tank Blitz, there are a number of different maps that offer up their own challenges and strategies for players to be aware of.  There are around ten maps in total but more are being added all the time. Some will be flat with lots of buildings to hide between, others maybe out in the dunes of the desert whiles others are thoughts in places like the Mayan ruins.

While the maps are smaller on Blitz compared to the full game on the PC, due to the reduction in players too, you do not notice it as much as you would expect. In fact, the size of the maps for the amount of players on them, work out pretty well on both versions. 

So What Is Different Since Initial Release?
Quite a lot actually, there have been a number of updates over the past few months, some pleasing players and some others not. One positive change is that of the introduction of different game modes rather than just Encounter. They now have Supremacy which involves the capping of three flags on the map and earning points.
Additionally, they also have tournament modes now where clans can  enter a team to take part in tournament series’  with some decent prizes on offer for those that take part. These tournaments take a lot of skill and teamwork.

Other changes that have taken players some time to get over, includes the equipment system being changed dramatically which resulted in all equipment being removed players tanks and resulted in players then having to go about unlocking equipment that they had previously already installed, needing to be grinded and installed again. The difference this time, was that rather than just cash being needed for this equipment as before, a new currency was introduced called spare parts, which are very slow in acquiring.
Lots of players left the game after these changes as they felt they were being double charged and stolen from by the game taking away what they had already unlocked in each tank in their garages. The spare parts that were compensated to players were far from enough to replace as much as 1/3rd of the equipment that players had previously owned.

Timers Installed Too
Another controversial aspect of the equipment changes meant that not only did players have to take a very long time to gain the required spare parts for their equipment upgrades but they also had timers to wait for every time they installed equipment.  Previously, installing equipment was instant but now it can take as long as week for the highest tiered tanks to have each of the nine pieces of equipment installed.

Many players felt that this new playing model was turning the game away from what initially made it so popular and more to the many other mobile games that are heavily reliant on timers that can be skipped if players are willing to use the premium gold currency.

Despite these changes and now that feelings have calmed down aa bit, World of Tanks Blitz is still one of the most popular mobile games on the markets with a huge player base all across the globe. Many will claim that these changes in the main have been negative but others say that the introduction of the new game modes and tournaments do go a long way to cancelling out the controversial changes to the equipment processes.

None of these changes make too much difference to the playability of the game and it is the same for every player, so most people have now just got on with it and accepted the changes and have started working hard at unlocking the equipment for their most favoured tanks first and taking it all step by step.

If you’re yet to try out the truly immersive strategy action of this team shooter, you really are missing out what is without doubt one of the best games on the mobile gaming platforms.