The shift brought forth by online gaming industry

With the advent of internet, everything has changed. From music to the way people communicate with each other; from business to the fun thing individuals do to add a little more entertainment in their lives; from catching up the latest podcast in the iTune to hanging out with people thousand miles away via Skype, Google Hangout; everything has evolved.

There are many new industries being born and many industries have already achieved the billion dollar mark in their business. One of the billion dollars maker industries is online gaming industry which has embraced the technology with open arms and still there are lot
more opportunities to be explored and tested.

These are the things that happened to online gaming since technology has advanced and opened up gates for opportunities for everyone.
· Demographical change: Technology has shaken the gaming completely. There was a time when the gaming only attracted younger people, specifically men. Now, the demographic has expanded to include women and also older age groups. It is shocking to know that since 2004, the number of women Internet users ranging between 16 to 74 years have increased up to 80 per cent and at the same time men internet users in the same age group only increased 60 per cent. Thus men and women both are playing online games like never before. And the number is constantly increasing day by day. Soon the time ill come when each one of us would play online game every day of our life.

Free to play (F2P) business model: What no one has ever imagined is now reality. Nobody ever thought that the online gaming will be free for everyone to play and enjoy. But that is proving to be true and creating havoc for people who are in the gaming business. It is
forecasted that online gaming industry will reach $86.1 billion by
2016. What is attractive about this F2P model is that no one is having any obligation to buy any product and everyone can simply go to different sites and can play varied games –action, strategy, sports, gunshot, adventures and so on and so forth.

Games are provided as service: As the games are provided free, the support is now offered as service. When a game is being coded and ready to get launched in the market, the coder and developers of the game are already ready with future updates, from single player to
multiplayer options and from fewer levels to unlocking of many more levels. Thus the demand of games has been increasing multi-fold and people are now experiencing something about online gaming and that is more is better syndrome.

Global market: Online gaming is not exposed to only a local area.
It has been prominent in every part of the world. From east to west, every young and old, men and women have been increasingly playing online games to inject more fun into their daily lives and to create more entertainment. Thus, online game developers from all over the world are creating more themes, more variety, more unique ways to approach games and several other attractive strategies to attract any untapped market (if any). For business people who have just got started in gaming industry, they need to put their infrastructure in alignment of the recent trend, so that they can be in a mode to create multi-dimensional themes of the same game they are creating. They should do this to attract more people all over the world and to gradually spread their business globally.

Mobile gaming: If you ask any gaming geek out here about what is the new trend in online gaming, you would see him quip and he would tell you that mobile gaming is the new hot trend people are very busy exploring. Not only are the words of some geeks, the statistics are also telling the same thing. In 2015, revenue from mobile games will surpass the revenue from console gaming. Even games have become the most popular apps on mobile, smart phones and tabs. The game developers who have now been seeing the opportunity in the mobile industry have been developing a new game every day to explore this amazing opportunity. The reason people never used to play online games was that they were never exposed to the internet on the laptop or computer device most of their adult lives (especially old people in developing nations). But now the games are available on mobile and they can play games whenever they like, whichever they like. It is an unprecedented opportunity for game developers and business people which have never come before. Games like Clash of Clans, Prince of Persia, Marjong War, all ESports games, all actions games are now available everywhere –mobile, laptop, computer. Who won’t play it then?

The way online gaming industry has been growing, it can easily be said that within a few years only, it would become the most sought-after industry globally and the economy of the world will be shifted because of online gaming.